How to sell cars on Facebook Marketplace for car dealers?

Every day millions of people in the US shop for cars on Facebook Marketplace. This makes Marketplace a great fit for car dealers looking to sell car inventory on Facebook. 

It’s possible for dealerships to list their inventory on Facebook Marketplace and reach more car buyers, for free.

Our dealers have experienced a steady stream of inquiries from Facebook Marketplace for used car inventory, so it’s an absolute must to be on this channel.

Facebook Marketplace for car dealers is getting more and more popular and we’ve had many questions from dealerships on how to best integrate Marketplace in their Facebook campaigns, along with their vehicle inventory catalogs. Keep reading and find out more about the introduction of Facebook Marketplace for car dealers and get some guidance on how to use Marketplace to reach car shoppers at every stage of their buying journey.

When Facebook learned that a huge number of Marketplace shoppers were browsing for used cars, they decided to strengthen their Facebook Marketplace proposition for car dealers with a number of new features. Facebook partnered with listing partners such as in the US and in the UK to allow car dealerships to list their used car inventories on Marketplace.

As a certified Facebook Marketplace Inventory Partner we can help you with getting started, and get the maximum from the Facebook Marketplace for car dealers. Get in touch with us here.

Why use Facebook Marketplace for Car Dealers

  • It’s 100% free advertising
  • It will increase your brand visibility
  • You can reach in-market shoppers
  • Buyers can browse your cars and request information directly
  • Respond to inquiries quickly with Facebook Messenger
  • Showcase cars and display useful information on your ad
  • Offer an easy and convenient search of your inventory
  • Reach buyers with high buying intent - the Dealership Only filter on Marketplace allows you to cut through the clutter and reach people interested in buying from a car dealers

How to list your used car inventory on Facebook Marketplace

Here is how to get started with using Facebook Marketplace to promote your used vehicle inventory.

  1. In order to start taking advantage of Facebook Marketplace for car dealers, you need to have an active Facebook business page. You can create one here:
  2. Next, you’ll need to get your inventory into the Marketplace. We will do your inventory syndication for free. We will automatically pull your inventory and publish it to Facebook Marketplace. the only thing you need to do is approve the sync on your Facebook page, that’s it!
  3. We will also set up instant forms for live chat so that you can hear from your customers constantly.
  4. Start selling! You are ready and all you need is nice pictures, great Wizposter templates, and amazing car descriptions.

If you’re ready to start selling with Facebook Marketplace contact us today.

Call us at +1-650-753-8000 or reach us at

We are happy to help and advise you.

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