Car Advertising on TikTok 101: Selling in the fun lane

Car Dealerships that want to connect with today’s consumers are facing unique new challenges in an unprecedented era of disruption. A successful automotive strategy requires brands to stay agile and nourish genuine relationships. Innovation is key-and authenticity is essential. On TikTok, brands are finding new opportunities to reach their target audience, build authentic connections and triumph in the race for consumer attention and sales.

TikTok users are in the market for a new ride

TikTok users love to discover new content here, and around half say they found new products through ads on the platform. TikTok community is known for inspiring purchases organically, which makes it a powerful environment to get your brand discovered. TikTok research also shows that many Canada/US-based users are in the market to buy or lease a car. In fact, almost half (47%) are planning to buy or lease a car in the next 12 months. 

When it comes to car purchases or rentals, 68% are either the decision-maker or highly influential in their household. And importantly, TikTok inspires them to act: 3 in 4 (74%) have taken action, such as sharing with a friend, reading reviews, or visiting a dealership, after seeing automobile ads or content on TikTok. And a significant 12% of users said they purchased or leased a car after seeing it on TikTok.

Nissan Australia made great use of the Duet feature to drive awareness around the local launch of the new JUKE: they challenged the TikTok community to Duet a video of the new model with their own voiceovers for a chance to be featured in the new TV commercial. This became one of the country's most successful TikTok campaigns, with over 34,000 users posting their own video creations.

What is your main marketing goal right now? Would you like to increase brand recognition? Inspire user-generated content? Prompt new sign-ups and sales-or all of the above? No matter what your priority is, TikTok provides a wide range of ad types to reach users at every stage of the customer journey.

No matter what your marketing goals are, TikTok’s fresh approach to communication can help take your car dealership to the next level.


TikTok’s innovative automotive marketing solutions are enabling brands to connect with users around the world during an era of unparalleled disruption. Car enthusiast communities are gathering on the TikTok platform to celebrate and share their passions, and brands that join the conversation can make a huge impact. Earned content, Spark Ads, and TikTok’s creative features are just a few of the tools that brands can use to forge authentic connections with their communities and leave their competitors in the dust.

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