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What are Cars for Sale on Google My Business?

A car marketplace for new and used cars by Google will enable independent and franchise car dealers to list their inventory directly on their Google My Business listing so that shoppers can see their inventory right on Google GMB.

Still in beta, Google is already rolling out inventory for many dealers nationwide. For more information, check out our Cars for Sale on Google My Business article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our support team is happy to answer any questions not listed here.

How do cars get listed on Google Cars for Sale?
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Inventory can only be listed with an approved vendor via automated inventory feed. It's not possible to manually add vehicles.

How can I get started?
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Since Google still has this in a pilot (early access) stage, you'll need to follow these steps to get started.

How much does it cost?
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This is included with every WizPoster expert plan. Inventory will be published to your Google My Business listing once Google approves the request.

Is there an inventory limit of how many cars I can send?
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None at all, you can send your entire inventory.

I currently don't use your services, do I have to have an account while my application is processing?
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No. You can request early access. Once approved by Google, we will notify you and get your account set up.

Can I apply custom overlays to my cars going to Google?
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Yes. We can set up a custom overlay as well as custom tracking numbers.

What happens after I submit the form below?
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Your dealership information will be submitted to Google for approval. Once we hear back on your application we'll let you know right away.

What do I need to have in order to qualify.
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You must have a verified GMB (Google My Business) listing for your dealership. As well as be a retail independent or franchise car dealer.

I have more questions...
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Give us a call at 650-753-8000 or check out this article on Cars for Sale on Google My Business Profiles.

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