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Excellent Custom Service
I have to say, the Goxee staff are by fare THE BEST I have come across in a VERY long time. I have primarily worked with Alex and she definitely deserves a promotion! She has mastered the ability to quickly and efficiently get things done and her communication is superb! She is definitely a HUGE asset to the company. Thank you Alex! I also worked with Kate and she also is super fast and excellent with her communications about the process and getting things done in a more that timely fashion. Both of these ladies have a #1 rating from me! I have to say, that they too are excellent at what they do and a valuable asset to this company. I wish I could hire all 4 of these staff members to work for us. Goxee, you have quite the staff. Your future is limitless with employees like those mentioned.
Lisa R. - Finance Manager
11-50 Employees
We've used them all, this is one of the best Craigslist Posting products on the market.
I particularly like the vehicle description creation aspects of the software, and the inventory management system has a very intuitive interface. We only use the Craigslist Poster part of the software suite, but I've been very happy with it thus far and highly recommend these guys.
Kevin A. - Internet Manager
11-50 Employees
Great and Personal Customer Service!
Solid support and solid results. The campaigns are easy to setup and easy to start/pause. We can dial into our exact daily budget by market area and assign what vehicle categories to post. It was the best fit for our company with the combination of pricing and features.
David L. - General Manager
11-50 Employees
Great and Personal Customer Service!
I am beyond thrilled with our relationship with the Goxee team. Nick has never once let me go any length of time without getting back to me and he is very patient and understanding to all of our needs. Having he ability to just pick up the phone and call him for anything has been such a blessing.
Ashley J. - Dealership Owner
11-50 Employees
Glad we signed on!
Very simple to use and the customer service is impeccable especially Nick, he's the best! The detailed descriptions about each vehicle are a great feature and the photos come out amazing! Also the ability to text potential customers right from the platform is really convenient. The ad they do is hands down the best.
Amy T. - Office Manager
1-10 Employees
Dealers Best friend.
I am using Goxee dealer for more than a year, It makes my life easier and wish to know this program earlier. Easy to use and control everything & follow up with customers. Easy access to your vehicles for change and follow up options
Amir M. - Owner
1-10 Employees
Helps us manage my dealership, inventory and marketing.
It's really all we need as an all in one dealership software. It has a lot of advanced features that we are just starting to use now. The Inventory Manager is one of my favorite parts of the software. It makes it very easy to see the information I need, which cars are doing well, if there is any information I am missing on a specific vehicle, I can even keep track of how many leads I'm getting on a specific car. That always comes in handy since I know what car to market the most to get the most out of it. I feel it helps sell cars faster the way my inventory sends everywhere to the software.
Idan T. - Owner
11-50 Employees
Easiest and most Powerful dealer software!
We realized that advertising to different marketing channels like cars.com, autotrader, cargurus and craigslist - we had no idea how many leads we were getting from where - now we know exactly what's working and what is not. Most definitely better than the other three companies we used in the past. Very user friendly so our entire staff was able to quickly pick it up and put it to work. The recent CRM Pro they launched is just what we needed. Use the software every day and still get excited when they launch something new. Our recent FB marketing with Goxee has been a game changer for our dealership. The support team is on point, every time! Thanks!
Maxym P. - Owner
1-10 Employees
Support and product delivers more sales.
Our experience is on-going and kudos to their support team and software features! It was not just "here's a software, use it" like we had from the other software companies we used before... What I was most surprised by was the involvement of the staff. I was first introduced to rep and she helped me set up everything with ease. The software is really easy to use so I was handling it all by myself within two days. Their support reaches out to us often with ideas on what can be made better, we did not expect this but absolutely love it!
Avi T. - Owner
1-10 Employees
Great website and CRM provider!
Great experience, I highly recommend them. Competitive prices, amazing customer support. You will not be disappointed! Ease of use, tons of features and integrations. Great CRM built in and the ability to customize your dashboard and website yourself. I have not come across anything with this software that I do not like.
Pete G. - Principal
1-10 Employees
By far the best Dealer Software we've used.
We've been using this software for almost two years now and our favorite part is there are new things coming out all the time. Their Craigslist, inventory and integration manager is amazing and phone system is a huge boost to our closing rates. Any issue we had in the past was resolved quickly, so no complaints :)
Sonny T. - Owner
11-50 Employees
Excellent customer service!
It is rare that all of the employees of a company are as helpful as the team at Goxee. The fact that I remember names is a testament to these guys. Awesome people and a great service! The ease of use makes this a must have for any dealer that wants to sell more cars! No Cons. The software is pretty direct and easy to use.
Jerry F. - Owner
11-50 Employees
Absolutely Fantastic Experience
The product is easy to use and extremely comprehensive. It is one of the few fairly priced products on the automotive market. Great experience! Team is extremely fast, responsive, supportive, and intelligent. Great business partners.
Abdel M. - Advertising Manager
11-50 Employees

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