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Ever wonder how dealers post 13+ vehicles in one $5 Craigslist post? You've found it. Keep getting leads even if that vehicle sells. No other poster offers this!

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47% increase to your vehicle rankings.

Did you know that Craigslist search results are not just listed by most recent post. Your vehicles often show after older posts - let us put you on top!

How It Works
Stop losing leads. Turn them into sales.

When car shoppers call or message you, these leads will be instantly created in the CRM system so you can easily keep a track of them.


Getting started is easy.

Your inventory will be auto-imported.

We work with all dealer inventory and website providers so we'll handle your inventory import!


We'll set up & optimize your Craigslist poster.

Our Craigslist experts show you the secrets behind dominating Craigslist. Getting everything set up is easy, but it's just the beginning.

Start posting and connecting with leads.

Leads will flow into your CRM via phone, text or email right away so you can start working deals.


Dealer Craigslist Poster Features

MultiVehicle Booster™

Save money and publish 13+ vehicles per post using the MultiVehicle Booster™.

Auto & Manual Posting

Make your vehicles visible during peak traffic times manually or on auto-pilot.

Phone & SMS Tracking

Get local numbers that will connect and record calls & texts with your sales team.

CLO™ Optimizer

Our technology positions your ads above other dealers in search results.

Sub-Prime Targeting

Custom designed posts targeting sub-prime credit car shoppers.

Monthly Payments Ads

Advertise payment in your craigslist posts and double your lead traffic.

CRM Integrations

Phone, SMS and email leads flow directly to our CRM so you can respond instantly.

Custom CTA Overlays

Pro-designed vehicle overlays that drive 37% more traffic to your posts.

Cost/Lead Tracking

Ability to know exactly how much your leads from Craigslist are costing you.

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