How to get your cars on top of Craigslist search results!

Lately, we’ve been receiving a lot of questions from car dealers about best practices for getting on the top of Craigslist Search results. So we’ve decided to help you with some advice on how to make your car ad more visible in the search result of Craigslist posts.

The Craigslist online marketplace is in 70 countries worldwide and receives 30 billion page views each month, with 50 million of those views coming from the United States alone. Craigslist ranks highly in Google searches, making it a valuable marketing tool for sellers. Thousands of new ads appear on Craigslist every day. As newer ads appear, your listing sinks lower in the search results. Regularly re-posting your well-written ad ensures that it stays on top of the list.

Schedule car ads

Schedule car ads to Craigslist at certain times to make sure some of your inventory is always on top. Use trickle-posting feature with WizPoster which keeps a vehicle on page 1 - all day! It allows you to schedule your inventory posting throughout the day, you can choose to post one vehicle per hour and always be on top in Craigslist search results.

The right keywords

Optimizing your ads with the right keywords so when they’re no longer fresh and on page one, they still show up on top when searched for. For example, if you’re selling a 2015 Ford F-150, and a shopper searches 2014 F150 — you will still show up. This is HUGE! Just think about what your customer could type when he is searching for a car on Craigslist and use those words on your automotive Craigslist post. 

You can also always use our smart keyword's technology and get your automatically optimized posts for all the inventory in one click.

This is more important now than ever. You must make sure your Craigslist vehicle post looks like this one:

Catchy watermark

Having watermark overlays on your car images is becoming must-have. A lot of dealers are using them and now it’s just about the question which one will stand out better. Great watermark with a strong call to action titles such as $499 down, financing available now, easy approvals, or many others will give you a winning combination. 

14 percent of Craigslist leads convert to sales - potentially a 22 percent sales increase for your dealership.

Craigslist buyers make their purchases, on average, 13 days sooner than other online shoppers.

WizPoster - Smart Post Technology keeps your listing at the top of Craigslist—meaning huge visibility.

The Craigslist Wizard is an ideal source of subprime leads and buyers.

During these difficult times, you must understand what the customer is thinking and find the best way to communicate with him. Now, more than ever it’s important to focus on good marketing and creating distinctive ads. 

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