Craigslist Poster MUST-HAVE: Monthly Payments

Take a look at a Craigslist vehicle listing page, how busy it is - what talks to a user the most? Money...

Studies show that car shoppers on Craigslist are typically “payment buyers”. This means that they’re mostly considering monthly payments when deciding which car to buy.

That is the reason why some automotive sites like AutoTrader have payment calculators already included in the site. They're making it as easy as possible for the visitor to find out the monthly cost for certain cars.

When you look at the average cars and trucks page on Craigslist you will see that most of the posts are without monthly payment information. And the one that has a monthly payment in their subject line is really popping out.

That gives you the possibility to stand out from the crowd. 

Car shoppers are more often searching for monthly payment range when they are looking for a car nowadays. That’s why it’s important to have this keyword in your subject line and description, and most importantly - the actual monthly payment in the subject line!

The monthly cost sounds better than the total cost, just think about it. When you are taking a loan from a bank you will hear most about monthly payments and interest rates. If a bank would promote the total amount of money that they will charge you for a loan, you would probably think twice about taking that loan. It’s the same psychology with monthly payments on Craigslist poster. 

Show to the shopper what he wants to see, and he will make his decision faster because what is 500$ a month for this amazing new Cadillac, right?

If you were to advertise your monthly payments in your Craigslist ads in the “price” section, you would most likely get a 300%+ increase in click-through.

How is this done:

Within our Craigslist poster for dealers, an automated Monthly Payment Calculator is built-in, a feature that will make your life easier. All you need to do is put a Monthly Payment TAG to the Craigslist posting template, and that’s it!

You don’t need to do it manually for each post individually, it automatically updates when you change the price of your vehicle in your inventory. That is one of the powerful features that we have within our CL poster tool for dealers.

In the WizPoster tool, you get instantly calculated and included monthly payments into your Craigslist post for all inventory in a few clicks.

Go inside of our tool, click on Marketing and choose Craigslist Poster

Add TAG with Monthly Price both in the subject line and marketing information easily. 
Click on Save Changes
Voila! - it’s that easy! And the best thing is that it will be added automatically to all your selected inventory. 

And the result is amazing, you will get 200% more hot leads instantly.

Monthly payments Craigslist / WizPoster

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