8 golden rules of Craigslist posting

Based on 20 years of experience that we have with Craigslist posting for car dealers, here is a list of dos and don'ts for creating a perfect car ad that will pop-up and rank high on a Craigslist site.

1. DON’T: Use a simple subject for your car posts without keywords.
   DO: Always add a year, make, model, monthly price call to action in the subject line. This can be automatically generated for all your inventory with our WizPoster.

2. DON’T: Use a generic description of your car posts without any keywords. 
    DO: Use our smart keyword's technology and get your automatically optimized posts for all the inventory in one click.

3. DON’T: Post vehicles at the wrong times.
    DO: Think about when potential buyers in your region are the most active.

4. DON’T: Post plain and boring photos of your vehicle.
    DO: With WizPoster you will get a tailor-made watermark and photo filter for your posting for car dealers posts on Craigslist. This will make you stand out from the crowd.

5. DON’T: Post 1 vehicle per post.
    DO: Only WizPoster will allow you to post 13+ vehicles for $5 which will result in higher sales.

6. DON’T: Waste time and do a manual import of all your inventory. 
    DO: WizPoster experts will handle your inventory import.

7. DON’T: Post entire inventory at once. On Craigslist, every minute a new car is posted, so if you post all your inventory at once it will be soon swiped off the first page.
   DO: Use trickle-posting feature with WizPoster which keeps your vehicles on page 1 - all day!

8. DON’T: Keep your leads in a notebook or mobile phone, because you will easily lose them.
    DO: Have a unique CRM system with WizPoster which will automatically gather all your phone calls and texts in one place.

8 golden rules of Craigslist posting

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