4 Ways to get more car leads on Craigslist

The photo and title is your first opportunity to impress and inform a potential shopper and eventually to sell more cars. You must add your special stamp to Craigslist posts. Something that will make your posts more unique. Here are 4 ways to get more leads on Craigslist.

1. Have a catchy watermark and photos

Studies show that people are 70% more likely to click on your Craigslist ad if your photo has a smart call to action! It should be clear photo, with an interesting visuals and not blurry and shaky one.

Example of bad and good photo on Craigslist
Watch the light!

Some things don’t look bad in full sun, but big, shiny things like automobiles can look terrible. If you take a photo of cars in full sun you will end up with huge flares on some parts while the rest is completely covered in shadow.

If you want a car to look great on photos take a snapshot first thing in the morning, just before sunset or during cloudy weather. Just don’t have the sun blasting the car to oblivion and you’ll do well.

Our WizPoster tool can help with this, by making your photo more effective with special filters. Another part of the photo that catches people’s eyes and increases the chances of interaction and more clicks is a watermark. Using clear call to action words with nice visuals will give you results for sure. 

2. More effective title

Post titles catch people’s eyes right after photos. If your headline is not tempting, chances are people won’t click. When writing a headline, try to include these 5 parts as that can dramatically increase CTR or click-through rate:

  1. YEAR of car production
  2. Car BRAND name
  3. Car MODEL
  4. TRIM and

Those 5 keywords will rank your post higher on Craigslist poster. Use them wisely and don’t forget to add some personal mark to your headline. For example:

5 keywords that will rank your post higher on Craigslist poster

3. Optimize car description 

Use relevant keywords in your description, try to be informative and clear. Use a bullet list and emoticons to emphasize some of the benefits. Or simply get our WizPoster tool and get automatically created tailor-made descriptions that will be unique to you every time. Our smart technology will include all the necessary keywords that will rank your post on the top of the Craigslist poster.

4. Show additional vehicles in the craigslist post

If you are still posting only one vehicle per post you’re losing money. It’s expensive and you’re not getting the full bang for your buck.

You’ve paid one post for $5 to Craigslist, and let’s say the vehicle sells in 10 days. Since the post is live for 30 days, that’s another 20 days chance to advertise additional cars if you were showing multiple vehicles on the same post. 

With WizPoster you have a chance to post 13+ cars with a similar price range in one Craigslist post. Vehicles should be of a similar price range because for most customer’s first buying limitation is a price. This will definitely drive more car shoppers to your website. Once they’re on your site, they’re twice as likely to convert to a lead. 

Contact our Craigslist experts and try WizPoster today.

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